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Hi guys, soooo I've been sitting here the last two weeks trying to figure out how I'm going to make this idea work. The model of the main character is almost done and just needs some texture and colour put in.

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Hi Guys, Xaou here.

Okay, soooo I've been sitting here the last few weeks trying to figure out how I am going to make this idea work. There are many things to consider. Such as the model, background, foreground, map, game elements, coding and many...many more. So I have been rather busy. I have been re-watching season 9 and 10 of Smallville trying to get some idea of what the demo should be like and I have come up with the perfect scenario. But first I'll talk a little bit about the development. Okay, last time I was talking about the powers that can be used, specifically, super strength and x-ray eyes. Today I'm going to talk about all the powers and break them down.

Firstly, Super Speed mode #1. This type of super speed can be used to travel around metropolis and Smallville in a very quick time. This can be upgraded to go faster until you reach the speed of sound. If you look at DC universe online the game it's a lot like that super speed.

Secondly, Super Speed Mode #2. This type of super speed can be used to save civilians from harm's way. If in this mode you can press the space button to catch bullets stop cars, ect... This super speed is the only one that can be used in combat. It can be used to dodge, enter QuickTime events and so on. If both SS #1 and SS #2 buttons are held down the player will go twice as fast.

Thirdly, Super hearing. This power in not actually a power it will be used as a map and it warns you when SS#2 will be required. Also, super Jump, another power, means you can just jump higher and if upgraded you will be able to jump over the daily planet (Chargeable). Heat vision can be used to take down normal enemies and stun others/ Heat vision can also be used to interact with material such as metallic pipes - by melting them or cutting them in half, wood - by burning it, tar/road - by turning it to liquid like substances and gas canister - obviously blowing them up + many more.

Finally, Freeze breath. This power can be used to capture enemies without hurting them, stun most enemies - it can also be used on metal and other surfaces to freeze them solid so that they can break easily. Also, it can be used to put out fires, cools surfaces and propel you ever higher in the air.

P.S. all of these powers can be upgraded.

Now, down to the model. Clark Kent is coming along just nicely as you can see in the pictures. All I have to do is put the hair on and the trench coat and it will be done. After I've designed the character I will get into designing the map and some of the game mechanics that were talked about. Hopefully I can work some of the Arkham City gameplay that I learned how to make from my friend down in Ireland.

I know what you're probably thinking right now...what is the demo scenario. Well I have put an extreme amount of though and I decided to go with a bank heist. So it starts off with you on a building and you hear police sirens. The Blur goes to check it out. Ten guys, three with just hands, 6 with armed guns and 1 meteor Freak. Clark uses his Heat vision to cut a pathway through a metal door. He takes down all the guys except for two. One is the meteor freak with electric powers. He is the boss. Take him down one to go. He takes a hostage. The hostage kicks him and breaks free he fires the bullet and then you are signalled to go into Super Speed Mode #2. Then catch the bullet take down the guy and burn insignia on the ground all before the time on the Super Speed Mode runs out.

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