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This is outlining the type of gameplay and maps...

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Okay, Its been about a week since the last post and these updates with be going up about every week or two. So if I haven't posted in a little while that just means that I'm hard at work. Now I've had a lot of ideas. Firstly, The map. The map will be of the whole land of fire so it will indeed be quite large. The map will include the Leaf Village, Training Grounds, Forest and the Fire Temple. Secondly, I'm going to animate a lot.

Naruto will be the first to animate (He will be the main player)
Sakura will be the second to animate (For the team)
Kakashi will be the third to animate (He will be the first boss that you face)
Ninja will be the fourth to animate (These will be normal enemies)

In the Leaf Village Forest will be enemy ninja which will cover all five styles of justsu. These enemies when killed will earn you experience points. Animals will also be enemies in the forest and will be needed for quests - will drop collectable items.Thirdly, Justsu. Naruto will start out with two 3 jutsu at his command, The Shadow Clone Justsu, Summoning Justsu and the Rasengan. You will also be able to enter Nine Tails Fox Cloak Mode. But I'll talk about the justsu next week.

So far on the mp I've been working on the Map of the Leaf village and I can say that's it is coming along quite nicely. So far I have created the wall, I the entrance desk and the Hokage Office. I have to design the river and more but so far it's looking pretty good.

That's it for this week, screenshots and videos will be up shortly. See you next week...

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