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For the people asking about which programs I use and how to make games within Unity, here's a tutorial!

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A handful of people have often asked me what I use in terms of programs. If there's a specific background in this kind of stuff for how to make games, etc. Instead of answering the lot, I figured I'd just start a series of tutorials in my free time to help out those in need of it. I'm hardly intermediate with my knowledge of Unity, but I do my best to explain what I know.


I've only made one so far - and it's a bit long. 38 Minutes. It covers how you can make a character move around a very simple terrain. It's assumed though that you have an animated character, but if not there's no harm in using the primitive shapes Unity has to offer.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section on YouTube. I'm open to make any tutorial people need help with, assuming I'm capable of doing it. Enjoy!


As for ZWC, I'm at something of a standstill until I figure out a way to make a decent income. I work on it every now and then, but of course it can't be profited off of so I have to keep my priorities in order. The motivation is still there, but development won't be able to resume it's steady pace until I get all of this sorted out. I hope you understand, if not, eat me.

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