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This is the complete list of addons added (or will be added) to john's mod.

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you can use johns mod with any source game that allows download to the source sdk base and hl2 dm.


Version 5.0 So far...
Halo 2 sweps
tool gun change
huge items
houndeye ragdoll
7 new npcs
starship troopers ragdolls
half pipe v2
phys hands beam now flashes different colors
able to spawn smod stuff {Must have smod installed}
spawn lamps with ropes swep!!!
A stool
Mario box
Mario ragdoll
Mini pack
SourceForts items - Sourceforts team
Giant headcrab
Primitive items
Small things v3
background change
Gm_construct change

Size 1.32 GB Files 11621 folders 626

Version 4.0

sonic - ??Unknown??
nuke pac - gmang
dod sweps - ownzug
mechanics 4 - fragrninetytwo
hover mod - ownzug
prop protection - ownzug
entity command suit - ownzug
door mod - CRAZY BUILDER
gravgungloves - ??Unknown??
gmod plus - ??Unknown??
Copy gun - aVoN
Loader - aVoN
Phoenix Storm - PhoeniX-Storms
Team Fortress 2 sweps - isivisi
Xmass - ??Unknown??
Gmow - ??Unknown??
shark pack - TacticalCombine64
Omg Campain? - Team John *incomplete*
If you know any of the Authors post a comment and I will add it.

size 1.12gbfiles 9,788folders 501

And this is not GMOD 10! OR 11 its gmod 9.4

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