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More gamepads are supported and the price has changed !

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The 1.2.4 update of Jimmy Vs Zombies is now live !

Now, players can play with more gamepads and arcade-Sticks models, and not only the x360 controllers.
This version includes both the support of DirectInput Gamepads/Sticks
and the support of Xinput gamepads (X360 and other recent gamepads).

On the controls screen, the matching index of the button is shown for non-xbox360 controllers.

All gamepads we have at TOMAGameStudio work fine:
- PS2 pad (with USB adapter),
- PSOne pad(with USB adapter),
- Hori Soul Calibur V Arcade Stick,
- Thrustmater 8 buttons,
- Saitek P2600,
- Xbox360 USB controller.

All this models work fine, and most of "standard" DirectInput/Xinput gamepads should work fine too.
but some models can probably not work, and some additional drivers can probably not work too.

Also, the price of the Pc version of the game is now 1.99$.

Enjoy ! :)

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