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An Update on Sleeping With Third Eye Open Development | Announcement current title | and a playable build for you to check out.

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"Staff ,Freelancer ,Patron and Mythical Companion characters Portraits all done!"

These characters have been crafted drafted and shaping in my head for years.

Greetings! , hotel patron fellows .

Khanin here. Thank you for all that still follow and welcome new comer which here's some sad news
First,I want to very apologize for the silence and absent of update for the game.
The game have been in process of getting deals and gathering financial resource enough
to have full team to push the game into full development.
but things are not going over so smoothly apparently.

Cutting thing short And rushing are never wise thing to do.
So I decided to put The game development is on hiatus for now
and will be for while until we are capable to continue in full production.
I expect that will be around the end of years. so finger-crossed to that!


On the bright side of a time off also allow me the freedom to reconsider the scope and overall narrative of game. Now the game turn out to be bigger scope and scale than first anticipated.The game now more emphasize on horror aspect of folk and cosmic. with more complexity of more characters.The people to make this his remote distance weird hotel become a micro-city an indoor town full with guests who are various in occupation and high in rank and position.

That will be playing roles in your vacation days where all thing will take turn for the worst..


Meanwhile with pushing SW3EO into preproduction phase again. I have move on developing a much more smaller project which is still not far from my love for an narrative RPG with my friends.

Introduce 'MANE' || a game inspired by my adoration of Mogopos lion coalition
story in "Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand'
And a night of never-ending long conversation with a friend.


SW3EO Build 1.0.1

I've also upload our super secret build from a few months ago now but..
Music and Sound by RJ from here @Spellbang

be-warned! It is really not optimized so expected the large in size and bugs.

DOWNLOAD THE BUILD ON HERE sun-torn.itch.io/sleeping-with-third-eye-open

"6 seconds footage of player 7 vicious vacation nights."
Excuse the color distortion. small .gif seem to cant handle that intense of Magenta.

SW3EO Build 1.0.1 footage -

The beginning of the game is fairly self-explanatory; you’ll be presented with a choice and then you’ll have a conversation on the car ride to your hotel. The game remembers the choices you make. In the demo alone, there’s quite a few subtle branches based on the things you say and do; the full game will extrapolate that even further.

In the car scene, if you picked up the flower in the first scene, you can click on it in your inventory (which can be brought up with a right click) to see an extra scene at this point.

After you get to the hotel, talk to everyone! There’s no repeated conversation in this game, so don’t worry about clicking too much and getting the same dialogue.

Once in your hotel room there should be a lot of things to look at and click on. After doing that for a bit, something will happen. At this point, you can decide to either use the telephone (and have a lengthy conversation) or simply leave the room instead to end the preview build.

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