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Unfortunately, I don’t have as much to show this month since it has been such a hectic month for me. From helping my girlfriend with her semester finals to moving to another house, this has been a busy month for me. I will show you what I did from January 1st - 28th, it isn’t much.

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OPTIMIZATION!!! I did some small file size optimizations, nothing big but still respectable. I also fixed an issue with Greg’s flamethrower and breathe meters not properly following him. (I tried to upload a GIF but Tumblr is being an ass, I will have to upload GIFs in a seperate post -.-)

Level Design:

My goal was to finish chapter 2 this month, sadly I only did half. What is mainly left is the mini-boss and boss fight which have like little to no work done. I scrapped a sub-marine vehicle idea I had for chapter 2 and replaced it with joints now being able to give you more breathe underwater (I might change this to air bubbles).

I even went in and made more adjustments to Chapter 1 which I assume I will always be making adjustments to previous chapters up until the game is finished.

Visual Improvements:

I have been making things prettier :) I improved the lighting and you will really see how cool that can get in later chapters. I made checkpoints more snazzy, and I created a new tile scaling script that will automatically scale an object by its texture count (kind of confusing to explain but it’s a life saver for my OCD and it makes things more “Pixel Perfect”)


I’m working on another underwater enemy but there’s no art to show off :( I did make some AI changes though. If you see the same enemy in later chapters, they will have a more upgraded AI.


Well I have more GIFs to show than anything this month (except Tumblr only let me upload one).. I wish I had more work done to show, but you guys have no idea how stressful this month has been for me. Time to get back to work!

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