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Post news RSS Janga OpenDev n°1: the 360° exhilarating gardening game in space!

Here is our first opendev newsletter about Janga: the 360° exhilarating gardening game in space! Tons of new feature are here, try them for free!!!

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Janga, the 360° exhilarating gardening game in space!

Hello there!!

Hi to you and welcome to our new open devlog about Janga: our 360 ° exhilarating gardening game in space.

First things first, we have some news about Concrete Games, indeed, since April, a lot of things happened inside our modest studio from Brittany.

Two people joined us in this crazy journey:

Brendan, our new 3D designer


and Ulysse, the communication/marketing guy (hello, it's me!).


The core for the development team of Janga begins to take shape, that's why we have a big update with lots of new features just for you, wink wink!!!


Ah and yes, we are also in discussion with publishers for Janga, nothing official or concrete(???) for the moment, but you will be the first to know when we will have feedback!!!

And now, it’s time for Janga's big patch note.

Download the latest version (for free of course)right here


A new universe composed of procedurally generated planets, each with its own gravity and type of vegetation


A new blowpipe: the Life Pipe, which allows you to paint the ground and grow grass.


A new version of the Ice Pipe that allows looping and creating 360 ° ice bridges.


A new version of the Bubble Pipe that can inflate bubbles as big as you want, and swim in like a real dolphin, yeeeeee!!!!


Little nice animations for the growth of the trees


A physics of the character completely recoded to work with the spherical gravities with more dynamism in the movement and the jumps

More joyous and festive new music


- An online mode to invite your friends in your world to create together!

- Funny functional plants

- A system of plant mix to find new wacky species by genetic combinations

- Animals that will propose challenges to test your control of blowpipes

- lots of sounds, visual effects, for more understanding and fun

- And of course: new blowpipes!


And that’s the end of our patch note, have fun with these new features, give us plenty of feedback if you can (or want), it would give us a huge help to improve our Janga!

Feel free to join us on our Discord if you want to participate and live our studio life and/our see our latest advancement or sales. Discord.gg

And if you want to find the progress of Janga directly in your mailbox, here is the link to our newsletter: Mailchi.mp

Kisses to you all and see you soon!

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