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Introducing the project to the community of IndieDB as well as providing a working game download to download and try the game out.

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Hello everyone, I am Raffile. I am the creator of this game that is currently being called Jack Bones Shards of Memory. It was originally created for the Crowntober Game Jam on Itch.io but it was the first project that one of my brothers where on with me thus, we continued it after the jam ended. Currently we have inside the game a lovely intro to the story as well as the basics of the combat system completed. In the upcoming weeks I will be adding more content as well as spells and things of that nature into the game, fireball being pretty lonely as the only buyable spell. As well as a pause menu and proper shop interface, inventory management and things of that sort are being worked on currently. The game overall plays very smoothly however I am looking into a way to make the knock back better since I currently do not like the procedure that it is done with.

You can download the game currently here from the itch.io page since IndieDB is currently reviewing the file that I uploaded. My brothers and I hope you enjoy the game and watch our progress thank you! Raffile out.

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