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In this update, we discuss the use of coffin transportation and the fiend character classes.

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Jacbil Gobbet #2

New Gameplay Video

We are almost finished with a new gameplay video. Here are a few of things we wanted to update first:

  • New Breaking animation for the resources being collected
  • Swinging animation for the Stefan character when he is breaking things
  • Zooming function for the house screen so you can see your beautiful work
  • Holding down the dig button to auto dig instead of constantly tapping (not that you would see that specifically in a video)

This video will be professionally done by Matt, the lead artist. He will also include some neat intro details. It will technically be our first trailer for the game.


We promised you information about the transportation function. There is actually much more information on this subject than you might expect. Here is how the story goes:

Josh Bolan, the lead programmer, contacted me about a problem he was having in the early stages. This is an open world game, so we want players to have freedom. He asked how the player is going to get home if they dig too deep. For some reason, my first thought was going to sleep in a coffin and then waking up back home.

output yukHsD

There were no objections to the idea, so we just went with it. I even made an animation of the Stefan character going to sleep in his coffin (above). The following day, I thought about the use of coffins a little bit more. What is the first thing that you imagine when some says, "going to sleep in a coffin"? The obvious idea is Vampire. Suddenly the generic open world theme that we were going with for switched to playing as monsters. We call these monsters our Fiends.


The character classes in Jacbil Gobbet are called Fiends. Once you work your way through the tutorial, you will have a chance to choose your fiend. For now, we have five fiends planned out with character graphics already made. We want to have 5 more in the initial release - a total of 10.

Each fiend has its own special ability. We did not want the special abilities to be so powerful that you would regret deciding on one fiend over another. The abilities are mostly there to add some extra flavor. At the same time, the fiends are different enough that you would have a new experience if you wanted to start over.

Here are the fiends we currently have:


Skeleton No Skin, Just Bones - Increased movement speed. No flesh has a great benefit. it doesn’t weigh you down when running around.


Werewolf Agility- Able to jump an additional block higher. Those doggies are always jumping over fences. It is perfect for players who want a little bit more mobility.

2Vampire Idle

Vampire Sonar - Vision isn’t hindered in dark areas. You have to love being part bat. You can travel through caves with much more insight on the locations of obstacles.

2Zombie idle

Zombie Ignorance - Can hold an additional 50 items in the inventory. Not having a brain makes you ignorant to how much you are carrying. This allows you to collect for a longer period of time before heading home to drop off your supplies.


Jacbil Gobbet is not the only gnome in the game. You will also have the option to play as a gnome. Their special ability is: Gnomes Ingenuity - Requires 10% less resources of each item when crafting. Those gnomes are always making something. They progress much faster in arts and crafts.

Thank you for reading! Any comments are most welcome.



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