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The final update for The Last Sip before the impending release

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Hello. I intended for the Subject line of this to be read to the tune of The Final Countdown. Do do do doooooo do do do do doooooo. Anyway, 2 days ago I finished up every last thing I needed to fix with the custom story. I then sent a copy over to my buddy and used Skype sharescreen to watch him play through it while taking some notes on issues that came up. I just got done fixing the few issues that cropped up during his playthrough. I'm busy today, but tomorrow we're gonna Sharescreen for a few hours while I do a final once-over of the map and listen to any suggestions on his part for extra scares. (Don't worry. Scares are the easiest aspect of a custom story to do, so this won't add any real development time to the CS) So we're looking at a friday night/saturday morning release depending on how long it takes for ModDB to approve the file once it's up.

And don't mind the preview image. My glasses broke and this is how I was able to continue working on the custom story lol.

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