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A few good changes and a release date for the demo!

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So it's January, the month I've been saying for quite a while now we will let you get your hands on the game. It's been a tough two months for us internally with a new programmer having to be found but things look to be paying off!

Mech Mania take three!

Following Explay we did some playing around with Unity and remembered how kind it was to work with. After some quick tests we decided to transfer the game across to Unity which hasn't taken very long at all. All of the assets are in, all that remains is to replicate the code and that is well underway!

Does this mean things are being pushed back? Bye bye January demo?


Our new programmer has been an absolute legend and managed to get a working prototype up and running in a very short space of time.

This version is going to be released for free later this month (expect at least one functioning game mode).

We don't have any networking yet (all in good time) but the AI will exist.

It'll be available for PC, Android and Linux but sadly might not be on ios as we can't test it on there (none of us seem to posses or know anyone that possesses anything ios!).

I'm also taking the early game to the Wild Rumpus is London on the 18th/19th to throw at anyone who comes within range! It'll be on a tablet so we've invented a control scheme for it that seems to work, below is a mock-up image used to illustrate it (all UI elements are shown regardless of relevance to the displayed gamemode).

That's all for now! Expect a small update follow Wild Rumpus and then the release of what we have. This will be for free, it may well be buggy and it certainly won't be finished! This is to give you a taste of what you've been so patiently waiting for for nearly a year!

All the best,

The Mech Mania dev team (Infinite Playground)

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