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‘Orks In Space!’ is available in the Windows Store for Free.

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‘Orks In Space!’ is available in the Windows Store for Free

The latest version 1.1.24 of ‘Orks In Space!’ game released and published in the Windows Store. From now on, it is free to play. We welcome any feedback to make our game better. There are many plans to implement and your opinion could focus us in right direction.

Small missile figher-bomber

Game features list

• Player designed space ships
• Vivid toon graphics style
• Fun and easy gameplay
• Random generated star systems
• Unlimited fleet variations

Light cruiser fights above planet

‘Orks In Space!' is a slight parody of complicated space combat games and movies. Play it fast and fun in cartoon environment. Unleash your creativity and build space ships you like.

Light cruiser design

Drive your fleet throughout infinite galaxy of unique star systems. There is a possibility to jump at a definite star system by entering a number. For example, type 12345 and press Enter for jump at star system #12345. All planets, suns, asteroids and distant galaxies are different. Beware of asteroids they travel fast and can knock your ship down.

In unknown star system

There are three types of weaponry.

  • A blaster canon fired shots of superheated plasma in frontal direction only. But it has a long range and a precision.
  • An auto flak is a laser canon operated in auto mode. It is perfect for shooting down nearby small fighters or incoming missiles. Massed auto flaks can become a mighty broadside battery.
  • Homing missiles are the most dangerous for big and slow vessels. They could destroy whole sectors of space ships. Even a small fighter could be a giant ship slayer with a pair of those missiles.


In spite of hull blocks different exterior there are two types of hull elements.

  • Solid ones (cube, prism, etc.) can withstand a hit at 50% chance. Solid ones are bulky and heavy.
  • Planes are light version of hull elements. A single hit destroy any plane.

There are two types of special elements.

  • An engine required for movement and orientation. Use more engines for higher speed and maneuverability.
  • A teleporter is a thing to make evasive jumps. The more teleporters ship have, the longer and faster jumps will be.

Void battle

Next time we'll talk about void battle fight tactics.

Stay tuned.


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