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Quick update, looking for people, reason for lateness.

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I'm sorry for those who were eager for this game, it might look like it has been canned but I assure you it hasn't. I've been really busy with looking for a job and a few other projects I've got going on but now I'm back and I'm ready to focus on finishing this game. So if there is any one who would like to help then I'm hiring the following as volunteers:

  • Sound Artist
  • Graphic Artist
  • Unity JS Programmer
  • Designer

If you want to apply then head to the forum and sign up, then go to this thread and create a post with what you could offer or what you'd like to learn/do. I'll be crediting all who help out and I won't be able to pay you so it's a volunteer position. I don't plan to make money off of this game but any donations we receive in the future will go directly into game resource funds.

Thread to apply in: Deepground.info

Forum for Game: Deepground.info

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