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It's a'go. Sorta, give it a bit more time and we'll talk.

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It's been sent out for beta testing, finally. I'm working with five different individual's scheduled though, so I'm gonna set back the release date a bit. But I'm kinda proud to say I'm almost there; how many years later lol.

A lot of work has gone into this, a lot more than I originally intended actually. There are 19 maps for you to explore, and hopefully a kinda cool story. I packed as much detail into the maps as I could without making HPL2 explode. Revision will probably happen to improve over all experience and quality. As well as some more optimization. Once the initial beta testing is complete, there will be one more that goes through one other person as the final judgement, and then the initial release. I wanna try and make sure this is as bug free as possible before releasing it to everyone, so you all can play this smoothly and without any major problems. But I'll need to rely on the rest of the community to relay anymore bugs to me that slipped through the betas.

Thank you guys for waiting so long,

- Cheers ヾ( ゚▽゚)ノ


Yes! Finally! Cheers to that! :)

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