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Post news RSS ITORAH Devlog #1 - An introduction to Grimbart Tales and ITORAH!

The first Devlog ranges from the boss badger Grimbart, and who ITORAH is, to the mysterious world of Nahucan!

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To start this off: That's right, our boss is a badger.
Not just any badger.
An old, wise vagabond, who's been through a lot. His journeys have provided him with plenty of stories to tell. To share these stories, he came up with Grimbart Tales; to give life to his ramblings in video game form.

ITORAH is a 2.5D action platformer with streamlined metroidvania elements. Inspired by many classics from our own childhood, we aim to create a game that may become the cherished memory of somebody else, someday.
The narrative of ITORAH is largely conveyed through its characters and environmental observations, so the following Devlog will focus on introducing our protagonists and world to you!

Who is ITORAH?

Who is she indeed?
With a stoic expression and not much love for words, one would assume ITORAH likes to keep her secrets, but this couldn't be further from the truth:
She has no idea what is going on herself, having just awoken on a strange altar in the middle of nowhere - in a world bereft of other humans.
With no memories of her own, ITORAH sets out to explore the surrounding forest and meets a bunch of colorful beings. These newfound adversaries and friendships ultimately define her role in the fate of this new, unknown land as she chases the memories of her past.

Where are we?

A kind soul who smells of gunpowder welcomes ITORAH to Nahucan, a mysterious world that emerged after the apparent downfall of humanity. It is a lush, verdant land, best described as multiple biomes mashed together in a cacophony of creation and destruction where the primal rules of nature reign supreme.
Nahucan's flora, rocks and ruins hide many secrets of the past, but the daily fight for survival seldom grants opportunities to uncover them. Rumors of an ominous plague also make the rounds and complicate explorations further.
The denizens of this place are called the Nahu; masked beings that come in all shapes and sizes.

Aracan and Koda

Nahu also display varying degrees of civility, so ITORAH's first encounter with other living creatures results in quite the predicament. She finds herself captured and locked away in Aracan, a mountain cave inhabited by monstrous spiders.
Fortunately for ITORAH the other captive who keeps her company happens to be a talking axe named Koda. He seems a bit disoriented himself, but ITORAH's athletic abilities and Koda's natural predisposition to... well... cut things help facilitate their escape.
With both of them being amnesiacs, they immediately form a kinship and stick together to take on this great unknown world. Nothing can go wrong when you're with Koda, the self-proclaimed greatest warrior of Nahucan.

Rumors of a dark threat

A drop of deep purple ooze, besmirching a tree; a scout mentioning the unusual behavior of animals. Little reports in the back of the mind of every civilized Nahu, as of late.
A remnant encroaches on Nahucan, and soon everyone shall partake in the hunt for tranquility.

Passing over to the developers

Unfortunately, the old badger has no clue about game development, so he left the task of developing this interactive tale to his team. As specialists in the field, they will ensure that his fables are perceived in the manner he intends them to be. While they do all the work, he comfortably leans back, smokes his pipe and buries his snout in old, dusty books of eld.

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