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The base map for the first area in one of the Pentagram sections.

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Little reveal here, basically the five parts of the guy's soul you have to free represent different aspects of his old life. One of those things is Depression, and this is the map for it:


Now, I tell you what, we have enough indie horror games out there that require you to find keys and drain water. Thing is, when I make maps that say "key" or "Drain room" or "Puzzle room" that could mean ANYTHING. The key may not be a physical "key" even... if you get my meaning. In addition, I color code things you wouldn't even think meant anything and I include vague terms like "switch" in order to fool any possible terrorists.

Anyway, I'm saying too much. I just had to post this on here so that down the line when the area is completed I can laugh at how awesome the original map looked :P Later!

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