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A review of The Babylon Project's achievements during 2008.

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2008 is over and with the contest starting, we thought it would be a good time to look back. The Babylon Project had a somewhat busy year with lots of new campaigns and the spectacular implementation of multiplayer.
But let's start where everything is supposed to start, in the beginning. 08 started with new material for our players, with the mini-campaign Dark Children in January and the highly anticipated sequel to Fortune Hunters, both made by Vidmaster. And while pilots were busy destroying the lesser races or being the galactic underdog going hero, the game itself was being worked on as well. Various changes occurred, most noteably the addition of the new Glide Codes with the help of Karajorma and multiplayer support along with the first missions. After having a few solid battles to take part in online, FUBAR-BHDR was responsible for creating an enormous amount of new and altered missions for players to dogfight each other, while the first Coop-Gauntlets by Vidmaster were released to the public. A regular Multiplayer Session time was introduced later, which is still valid today.
In April, TBP was declared FINAL by project leader IP Andrews and with it came new audiences (and download mirrors).
HIP63 did a great job building new installers and would continue to release packed TBP campaigns for easy install, culminating in the triumphant release of the TBP DVD in September.
But let's stay on track. The unprecedented stability TBP FINAL was a boon to mission designers and the summer brought fresh meat for the grinder again, especially with Madaboutgames' Earth-Brakiri War being finally released. Additional challenges for multiplayer and a new Tutorial mission, as well as various updates for older campaigns kept the Furies flying, we also saw the release of Operations, the first three Coop-Campaigns to tackle online.
The updates kept on coming for the rest of the year, with new FREDders (=Mission Designers) joining the community and old ones returning, along with updates and first releases. We had teasers, demos, videos, new tools for FREDders and the final chapter to Orph3u5's Drums of War Trilogy. And... ...2008 came to an end. Already. Seemed pretty fast for me.

The year is 2009. The game is The Babylon Project.
See you out there in Hyperspace.


I reckon you guys have done a good job with this!

I only wish that the numpad wasn't an absolute neccessity! Having a laptop makes it harder to button mash your way through a campaign :P

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You can remap any of the keys you want by pressing F2 and using the control config option.

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