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Despite everything going on, I wanted to reach out and say the project is still alive and well!

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I'm sure 2020 has had a substantial impact on all of our lives, but it certainly will be something we look back at and think, "I got through that."

Although I haven't been able to keep up on development throughout the summer and fall, things have began to normalize and I'm excited to get back into development. Most of the major systems are already built and mainly all that's left is creating scenarios and maps.

I've decided to simplify the project for now, to get it into the hands of individuals to test and provide feedback. My intent is to release a free demo in the near future for players to try and provide feedback to support the project and ensure I'm moving in a good direction. I'll provide more information as I get closer to this release.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns/anything, let me know! I'm curious to know your thoughts and really desire to create something that you will thoroughly enjoy. Anyways, no more talking - here is a short video of the current state; thanks all!

-Sklorite Studios

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