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I made some good progress with spells today! So I started pixeling too :D

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Air and Fire are mostly complete for the first class branching. I did some work on paper dolling, because i was getting tired of seeing my naked self in game:


Equipment will be the main way to personalize your character in game. There will also be potions and spells that can change your looks!


Im currently working on a spell system where you have an overwhelming number of spells to choose from due to getting 10+ spells at each class branch.Base->Branch 4 options->Linear Advancement within last branch->branch again 4 options> and branch again 4 options. So you end up with a crap ton of spells. I want to use a gem system to limit the number of spells the player can use at a time...and also to add more spells via spell crafting!

Ex: Jump Gem(move over obstacles) + Card Trick Gem(aoe debuff)

= Street Dancing Gem(aoe debuff and movement!)

The game is still in its infancy, so this may change...but i really like the sounds of almost endless builds.

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