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ISES is a game about the exploration of the Rosefi Planet. The Rofis have a secret, and it's you that will uncover it.

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Hello, fellow people!

ISES is an Adventure First-Person game about exploring a alien planet.


Click on one of these links to buy the Full Game:

ISES | Official Trailer

Other Information

ISES is a game about the teleporting space ship ISES (Invisible Space Exploration System)

Use the ISES to teleport to a new planet called Rosefi, it's a beautiful pink planet full of life.

To explore the planet, you will control a PER (Planet Exploration Robot).

    • Explore the Rosefi Planet


    • Meet the Rofis, a alien species that has a secret in their background.


    • Explore and uncover Obeliscs and Puzzles to discover the secret of how the Rofis are Invisible.


That's all We hope you liked it. We also hope you tell us your opinion. We need all the feedback possible to create the game you want and improve it in the future.

Note: This game was developed by one person, Tiago Chefe.


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