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Hey everybody! Long time since update, one year ago seems to be precise. Many of you wonder where is the download, is the mod dead, will it ever be released? Most assume the mod is dead, which is quite right at this time. Let me explain..

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Most of you may remember the post which described the situation back then.
Many great features were added:

  • Artillery fire
  • Totally redone the 3 factions
  • New weapons
  • Sniper scope zooming for sniper rifles
  • Grenades
  • Voice Commands
  • New animations (E.G; Salute, Surrender, Prone & Crouch)
  • Prop building (Sandbags, barbed wires etc)
  • Healing & Wounding system
  • Bazookas

But the main new feature, autofire, which had been promised and also asked alot of times to be added, was not working properly and I personally didn't have the skills to fix it. I also got frustrated of the whole modding scene and left for a quite awhile. I actually left the modding scene for about year without really doing any proper modding at all. Few times I tried getting back, but always got frustrated quickly and let it be.

A few months back, I got interested quite much and wanted to revive and finish off Finland at WW2. I started a recruting thread in the Taleworlds forum searching for possible coder(s) for the mod. Sadly, noone was interested and so yet again, the project was left to be.

Is there still hope?

The fact of the matter is that I honestly want to finish the mod and deliver the mod that I promised and the fans want. But the thing is, I would need a dedicated coder with me to finish off the project, and possibly a few artists to redo some items. I'm not keen on doing it alone again, so If we would have additional members to fill in the necessary spots, I think we could pull it off and deliver the mod that everybody wants. But if we fail to get any new members, and I don't get a sudden urge to to finish it off myself, I don't think we will see the mod at its full potential. So, that being said, if you are indeed a good Warband coder, and/or a good 3D-artist interested in this project, contact me. Otherwise, I'm afraid we might not see this finished.

- WEe
Over and out


Im a good photoshop artist, especially for uniforms, but I only modded for the Men of war series, company of heroes and Skyrim, so I don't think I can really help you.
Hopefully someone else can help you.

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mr.master Author

Well, texturing isn't the biggest problem right now, but of course some weapons could use re-texturing. But yes, hopefully some artists/coder(s) would be interested :)

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Why dont you release it for dl then someone will dl it and tweak a few things tell you they added autofire and then you make a patch from the tweaked file.

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mr.master Author

Well, the fact is that it also has to be ported over to the newest version of Warband, which might bring up some problems at first. Good point though. If nothing works out, maybe I will release it as it is.

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i have a old version still as a module. it is good, but i hope that you will finish this.

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