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Post news RSS Iron Fist to Officially Debut Version 1.5.3 Shakedown Edition

So the few who have been curious to what the next release of Iron Fist will hold in store for use will have their fancies pleased as the Pre-Release has been posted on ModDB! The development has been strained, but well worth the effort.

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The release comes as an effort to push the fact that new things are in the works and development is expanding beyond the typical particle effects that have gotten users interested.

The new (or rather updated) CureCtrl takes the already existing SauerJoy mod and brings its compatibility to the latest Cube Engine 2 build. Enabling players to use joysticks and controllers interchangeably with the standard keyboard and mouse.

The game also comes with new bugs that can only be solved via the Internet and test takers. This early release should help us get much needed feed back to speed up the development process. A key bug fix that is needed is a strange disconnect from a server or lan game when connected to it, as all connected players are disconnected at once.

Certain updates are being looked into at the moment to find out what can be done to expand the core of the cube engine. Headset support is the next core update that will be being researched as this would mean that players could converse with their teammates in real time. What do you think?

Another expansion is upon the recently introduced footsteps sound effects. Now, a mapmaker can set a material value to their textures to give players a more expanded SFX experience. Gravel ground may sound like actual gravel, a metal flooring will give that metallic bang that's expected, anything is now possible as far as footsteps goes, and although this may seem like unneeded and a waste of time to some, other players may feel differently. This may also give rise to more material and texture advancements in the future and could spark a series of much needed ideas concerning the maps in general.

Two new weapons have finally been debugged and tested for support within the game: the Chainsaw and the Gamma Ray. As the Chainsaw needs more responsiveness to player attacks and could use a nice blood splatter effect upon player collision, the Gamma Ray also needs to be tweaked to be less dominant in the weapon arsenal. A factor that only players can decide as such a weapon is nice, but on the receiving end anyone caught in it can never escape.

Features to come will be support for clipped based weapons and the removal of unlimited weapons. This will add a key factor in the gameplay, meaning players will have to find ammunition packs during Arena battles, and extra packs to increase their ammunition holds.

Specific weapon tweaks such as perks will also be in the works as Cure invests time to find new ways of expanding the weapons on hand, without disadvantages during multiplayer games.

Items such as the Jet Pack, Cloaking Shield, and Viscous (extra agility gained by deaths and kills, and kept over the entire match time limit) will be developed to add extra goodies to the Iron Fist variety.

Player classes will also be added to give specific abilities to players. This had already been accomplished by our friends, the Intercooler Games, with their leading project: Revelade Revolution.

Clan support had also been done by the Intercooler and will be added to Iron Fist soon after the mod has been tested for stability. Want to find a friend's location because you can't understand what their typing? Sure thing! Want to friend someone mid-battle? Go ahead! Want to chat in your own clan forum hosted and automatically generated by the main game forum? Damn I'm salivating already!

This is just a short overview of the actual development and collaboration with Cure Productions and the Intercooler Games. We hope you look forward to the development and follow, click, subscribe, RSS, like, or whatever you do to Iron Fist. Just so long as it doesn't hurt anyone except the opponent in front of you.

Iron Fist Version 1.5.3 SVN 1-10-2013

Thanks again! Many thanks!

Cure Productions and the Iron Fist Team

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