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The news for Iron Fists next release date may seem a bit long.

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Dueto the lackof development recently Iron Fist is closed. Development will resume in a month. Why? Because Iron Fist is built upon Red Eclipse 1.2 and if anyone knows this then you know that that release of Red Eclipse contained many bugs that cause system failures. The upcoming release promises to fix these issues. One of thebugs that wasonce believed to be native to Iron Fist was part of a bug found in Red Eclipse. This bug was the Blackout bug or the Bob Marley.

The bug escapes my knowledge and seems to have been fixed. Moving into other things once Red Eclipse 1.4 is released or Iron Fist resumes development all the development from Iron Fist will be optimized and added back into this new build of Red Eclipse.

SVN is also going to be supported again meaning new weekly updates instead of waiting monthsat a time for what seems like no changes.

Mac and Linux support will also be available after the next release. "Iron Gear" is the code name for this new build. Once everything to date has been debugged and streamlined the release "Stronghold" will give support to Mac and Linux users.

After Stronghold, "Stable" will lend itself to the player, any bugs that are found will be high priority and player requests will be high priority as well.

"Loadout" Edition will be focused on integrating not only Tesseract Lighting, but Bullet Physics as well. Once completed, it will be sent to beta testers. If you are interested in beta testing. Add your comments below. (Oh and the introduction of a new spin on the Cube Engine 2 in an all new game. But that's a top secret for now.)

A centered orginization for forums will be looked into as well as a dedicated server and HTML website. A tracker will also be used and most likely be the trak program. As soon as I get that working.

So for now have fun. I will return with news of a better day. But for now life calls me away. If you get any thoughts leave them here and I will get back to them.

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