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A description of the new flashlight update in Iron Fist.

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This flashlight revamp for the latest version of Iron Fist has a few noticeable changes.

The first is bouncing upon movement. This would happen in real life and though it may not bounce in a pattern like behavior it will be given some more variation before release.
Also it has now been integrated into the physics toggles instead of a separate chain of command. This integration means that indication for flashlight is also available through the scoreboard and Player HUD. Also this can now be refreshed cross-server!
Plus it also can be automatically enabled if the player is in a dark enough zone without having to turn it on, and if the player leaves from the dark region, the light (in theory) turns off as well. Not much testing has gone into the automatic light feature. How it works is it take the ambient lighting from around the player and determines the average values on all three primary color channels. It then determines if this value is low enough to required the use of the flashlight, which is so it will turn it on automatically.

The binding key is surprisingly still "F". I say this because there has been quite a few keyboard redesigns and command binding updates since the flashlight was removed since it was believed to be a cause of a bug that is still present in Iron Fist. (Think Bob Marley Bug from last year.)

Thank you all an please continue to follow Iron Fist! And look for Cure Productions on Twitter also and Iron Fist Cube 2 on Facebook!

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