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Post news RSS IOTY! (And possible Technical Demo Upload soon)

Just a small talk about IOTY, and a technical demo of the game, including a small boxed room and just character controls may be uploaded today.

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Hey all!
Firstly; I had no idea IOTY was now, I spaced it. Hopefully, people vote for this game! I could definitely use the help.

That aside, because that's not the biggest piece right now;
I'll probably be uploading a technical demo of the few features so far.
This being said, I'll list the features now;
1. A 3D working Menu (Not final AT ALL, just filler as a test)
2. A flashlight Function
3. Crouch Function
4. Headbob Function
5. Sprint Function
6. Tilt/lean function (Q and E keys)
7. Escape button quits game
8. Some lighting, not much but enough to show what the rooms will probably look like in other parts of the future level(s)
9. Footstep sounds on concrete when you move
I've done all this within a day, which I think is pretty good considering I know.. Nothing, about Unity.
Well, knew*.
Anyways, I'll upload the tech demo later for people to take a look at and see what the character can do so far!
A level demo will be some time away still, give or take a few weeks depending on production speed, but I always love to give SOMETHING for people to mess with, and this is one of them still.
It isn't much, but it shows you what I've got so far, and I'm not one to leave people hangin'.

And, as usual,
Stay classy, folks.

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