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Post news RSS iOS is out 25th August! TOMORROW

Apple have confirmed the game is ready to be released on iOS and all that is left for me to do is build up some hype before I release it tomorrow 9AM GMT

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iOS Version IS OUT

Developing the iOS verison was a tricky one. The game is built and compatible for iPhones and iPads though! Initially the errors when building the game was releated to the new 64 bit architecture that the new iOS devices have. Rather than just building for ARM7 we have them all arm64 etc. In unity its also a massive iap once built in xcode because we are using I2LCPP...

If you understood any of that GREAT! You know what I was going through. Now though the workflow is streamlined and ready for updates. Currently there is only one planned update and this is for some more audio assets being added,

  • Health powerup used
  • Rockets powerup used
  • Slow mo powerup used
  • Streak online

Once these are in game, im excited to start development on my next project. I already have some prototypes working which means my concept is actually dooable in a timely manner.


The previous trailer had the old game name edge, this trailer is also shorter. Preview of it can be found on the app store page!

Hope all iOS device holders enjoy the game. It is priced at $0.79 so not much at all.

If you want to see how I developed the game then HERE is a development log series I started :)

Just let me know if you want to know anything, I love speaking to you guys and hearing what you have to say/ask

Thanks again for the support, let me know if you like it!


Below are some links to see how development has went for the game, and how much it has progressed. Should give an insight on whats to come.

Photoshop mockup - This was to start developing the UI and see where the game was heading. I’m the worst fan of my own work a lot of the time, I have this image in my head on what I want graphics, movement, sound to be like. I feel like in this project I nearly nailed the style I was going for. This was the first menu, I then had a better idea and in 10 minutes had an animation attached to the camera following a scene with a blur. Did this effect in the jam and won me ‘style’ points if you will.

Icon - This was a fun one, I wanted minimalism and for it to be clean from text. Apart from the lite version, you can see my design process and where I went with it

Website- or check out my site below, the publisher gave me [thexoid.com](http://www.thexoid.com) so this will be used at somepoint

Gameplay Trailer- Wanted something to show the game at an early stage so could start getting some interest! I love the result and am happy to call it my work.

**Android links below**
The Xoid: Isometric Survival - Goo.gl (free)
The Xoid: Isometric Survival - Goo.gl (paid)

**iOS links below***

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