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Tim comes back fighting with a new trick up his sleeve in the latest gameplay footage video for Ionage. This one commemorates the release of the V0.6 Alpha which includes a whole host of UI improvements, gameplay balances and new levels. The most notable being the first ever 3-player levels!

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Hey there! The latest version of the Ionage Alpha is out! Here’s what you can expect from version 0.6:

  • An all new drag-to-aim mechanic
  • Range indicators
  • Toggleable grid
  • Damage indicators
  • Damage decals
  • Improved explosions
  • Indestructible asteroids
  • The first 3 players maps!

I demonstrate the above in the video below:

OK, so I lied. I demonstrated everything but the 3-player maps. I’ll do another video when I’ve got some more ‘proper’ work done! Doesn’t seem fair somehow playing games all day!

If you haven’t checked out Ionage yet then this is a really good time to get onboard! My playtesters have already helped my iron out a lot of the little quirks in the UI and I think what’s left is really polished. To get it just head over to Play Ionage.

The next step is to flesh out the campaign mode of the game. This may take a little time because I’m going to have to rewrite large amounts of the current game to make it more flexible. As I mention in the video the game is currently pretty static – you always have the same weapons to fight with and the only upgrade you have available is repair. In the next version of the Alpha you’ll have some of the unlockable modules and upgrades available. This means you’ll be able to switch up your platform’s load-out in the “Platfactory” to adjust your playstyle.

I’ll illustrate this better in the coming weeks along with some early pics of the starmap UI and a description of the first modules you’ll unlock. Stay tuned!

...and play Ionage.

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