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Inverto a gravity bending puzzle platformer is available on Desura.

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Good news, everyone!

From now on Inverto is available on Desura!

Entering Gravity Labs...

For those of you who don't know what is this game about, Inverto is a first person puzzle game with physical and navigational puzzles based around manipulation of gravity direction. Escher-esque spaces and nausea fighting (only if you have weak vestibular system) are included.

Right now game is on alphafunding (for only 4 bucks) to help with further development and get valuable user feedback.

This is just a short list of recent (most notable) changes:

  1. Added character and a small intro flythrough cutscene
  2. Added "secret" orb pickups and keys, so now first level is more interesting not just shoot here and you are done.
  3. Added some new and reworked old ones, also with pickups and secret rooms.
  4. Player orientation. Player rotation while changing gravity is more predictable and is less disorienting. For most cases this is "around look axis" rotation.
  5. Weapon. Cooldown timer is now twice lower, so weapon fire rate is increased.
  6. Added custom keyboard keys support, invert mouse axis and more sound controls.
  7. Added stats window.
  8. Updated help window and added some help instructions on intro level.
  9. Fixed some level collision bugs.

Next update is scheduled to be in two weeks, featuring two new levels with different puzzles and new puzzle mechanics as well as updates and fixes to current levels. So be sure to check back frequently. So go ahead and bend that gravity!

And Thanks in advance for your support!
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