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Post news RSS A puzzle game and a shooter game, both at once?

Well, now this is interesting. A shooter and a puzzler, all in one package. Fancy that. I bet it would be fun and interesting to play, no? We think so, but that's because we made it. Now, we're not going to force our opinion on you, but if you had the chance to think about this unique blend the same way we do, that would be splendid.

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Check this out!

  • It's free and open source!
  • It runs on Windows and Linux! (Mac version and better installation methods coming soon.)
  • You won't get a venereal disease!
  • The music's really cool!
  • It has online high scores!
  • It's in English and Spanish! (More languages on the way, too.)
  • It's color-blind friendly!
  • It's got three gameplay modes!
  • From the guys who made...well, actually, this is the first thing we've made.
  • But unless you hate our guts, this won't be our last!
  • On the other hand, even if you do, we'll make something else anyway, because we're really stubborn.

And now, the moment you haven't been waiting for: Invasodado!


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