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Post news RSS Invader Attack 2 is now retired!

Full game is no longer available for purchase, you still might download the game in demo mode if you find it somewhere.

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It wasn't a hard decision to make after almost 2 years of no sales. IA2 is now retired. What does that mean you might ask. Well, for starters demo is no longer available on my website, you cannot download it anymore. Downloadable installer was actually a full version, just initially executing in a demo mode. You still might find it somewhere on the Internet on some download websites, but you can't purchase it, so you will never be able to play a full version, but this is not such a big deal because chances are that if you haven't purchased the game during past 2 years already you're not interested and never will be anyway. People who already own the game will however still be able to play it.

This is it, bye bye Invader Attack 2!

My plan is to make a sequel, better and different in every way, similar to how IA2 was much better than its predecessor. But this is far from realization since I'm working on other things and other games for now. The failure of IA2 made me think and question things about entire genre and what to do to make players interested again, but the lack of information and any serious feedback have put things on hold.



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