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As a first article, we would like to introduce you Myriads: Renaissance, a turn-based strategy indie game currently being developed by Sleeping Eight Studio.

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Myriads: Renaissance is a turn-based strategy game with city-building and tactical mechanics. Set in a low fantasy world made up of thousands of floating islands, build your kingdom the way you choose : conquer, trade or machinate. Will you command your soldiers as a Warlord, will you head your diplomats as a Doge or will you lead your traders as a Magnate ?

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“Gather shards to build up your island and place your buildings wisely. Exploit your island to its best.”

Extend your island and manage its resources using city building and light puzzle mechanics. Are your citizens starving? Add a wetland shard and build a farm. Do you need iron ingots to raise an army and no forest is neighbouring a mountain? Add a mountain next to a forest and build a furnace. But be careful, space is limited and your citizens can not build houses in mountains.


“Explore a broken world, drifting from a floating island to another.
The more your ships navigate, the more they will encounter dangers, powerful factions or lost secrets.”

You can not survive on your own, you will need to explore your surroundings. Travel into a procedurally generated world, discovering a myriad of floating islands and factions, in a turn-based strategy game. Send your armies to explore ruins looking for lost secrets. Find new trading partners and establish trading post on their island. But be careful, the more you explore, the more you will let potential enemies know that you exist.


“Establish trading posts or outposts, colonise or conquer islands.
Oblige your allies to become vassals or force your enemies into trading. Expand the way you want.”

Islands are limited in size, you will need to expand your territory outside of your capital’s bound. Do you need some wood for a new trade or to simply sustain your capital’s needs? Send your colon establish a new colony. Do you need more prestige for more troops to follow you? Oblige your new ally to become a vassal and benefit from their renown. But with great power comes great responsibility: will you be able to defend them?


“Use your traders to corrupt enemies soldiers, use your diplomats to make their traders
to fall into disgrace. As a last resort, let your soldiers Exterminate them.”

There are many ways to claim what should be yours. Will you scheme and make this faction one of your vassal? Will you conquer them? Choose your tactical challenge style to achieve your goal, resolving turn-based conflict using trader, diplomat or soldier units. Use your island and the other factions’ one as a battlefield. Shape of the island, location of buildings and bridges will affect your strategy and units deployment.

research frame

“Gather lost secrets and ancient knowledges to develop new technologies.”

New technologies are the key to overcome your rivals. Are your citizens struggling with the lack of space? Use the lost secrets your armies found and unlock a new research which allows more shards to be gathered. Do you wish to unlock a whole new branch dedicated to ships logistics? Build a new library and let your cartographers tell your armies where to look for.

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