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Introuduction, of the game. Please be consider it.

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Who is Uka:

Uka, is a little, japanese boy that wants to be a hero! Thats why now he has a ninja suit, and goes out to fight the bad guys! Well... he cant really fight. But he can sneak around and get the things he needs.

He is very clever, and likes donuts.

What is the story?

His county got corrupted, by other ninjas. Uka must get out of the country as fast as possible, tell the other countries and ask for help!Of course, he wont do that without you!

Why should i play this game?

If you like Undertale and Geometry dash, Undertale for its fumor and Geometry dash for its challenge; Then you would like Uka's adventure as well. Its a 2D platformer/fighting game. I mean, sure Uka has a little sword; but he cant kill with it. He can only stop them for 0.5 seconds or so.

Shall there by a release of the game, would it be free and if yes, then where would it release?

I am not entirelly sure, but it may be free on steam, it may cost around 5 dollars/euros. but it will definetlly release! And mean while, there is this page for all my updates!

If you wanna work with me : grochobg@gmail.com

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