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Introduction about ourselves and the Amnesia mod game.

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Dear all,

We are glad to introduce an Amnesia mod on moddb and we looking forward to introduce ourselves. So we do that in this article.

We don't have especially a developers name, but we're working on it. Our crew exists out of 6 people and we love to work on this project for Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

NOTE: Due to privacy we only show our first names.

Our crew:

Programmer and music composer:

Art and design:


Arachs is about a man living in the Netherlands who was kidnapped and doesn't know where he is when he woke up in a strange place. A place where he has never been before. Due to the papers he reads in the game, he discovers that it could be that he has been kidnapped by someone he knows. Because he knows that you are afraid of spiders. And he will make use of your phobia.

The game is in development and we are looking forward to the date we are able to release the game on moddb.

Many thanks from: Christel, Iris, June, Rosa, Sammy and Yirnick

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