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'My name is Matthew Kruger. A normal guy who enjoys life pretty much like you do. Living day after day, meeting friends, going to work. This night though...'

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Welcome to the page of 'EERIE SILENCE', a mod for the game 'CRY OF FEAR'.
Usually started as my first steps into mapping overall, I started working out multiple storylines I could do and so the idea of making it all into a mod came by.
The aim of this mod is to give a slight different approach to the storytelling, the gameplay will play more like an Adventure with some Action here and there.


'I was at a high point of my lifetime. I had a beautiful girlfriend, a good job, loads of wonderful friends and finally a place were I could live in peace. A place out of the city behind the suburbs, which almost looked like a village.
It is calm but it can be boring though, you know, since there isn't really that much to do.
This night though. It all started with this simple call... this one call.'


- Puzzle driven gameplay
- Very subtle storytelling
- 1-2 hours of gameplay, depending on how fast you get through the riddles.
- Original Soundtrack
- All new textures, models, sounds and animations


DrRhubarb - Lead/Mapping/Soundtrack/Sounds/Textures/Story
E3Pointman - Models
Volcomator - Mapping/Ideas

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