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Wheelless is a 2D racing game set in the future. The first playable iteration of the game, in early alpha state, is available to download!

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This is our first article! Let us introduce our game :

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Wheelless is a 2D racing game with an arcady playstyle and featuring a multiple paths campain with a deep story and a lot of characters. We just finished the first playable alpha version of the game; it does not have a lot of content, and is filled with some bugs, but it shows a glimpse of what we want to achieve: a fun futuristic sports game set in a rich universe!

For now, the builds are windows only, but in the future we want to take them to a maximum of platforms! Also, there is a ReadMe.txt file included in the download, please read it before starting the game!

WHEELLESS IngameScreenshot D 4WHEELLESS IngameScreenshot C 3

WHEELLESS IngameScreenshot B 2WHEELLESS IngameScreenshot A 1

Check out its landing page on our website and don't forget to take a peek at our blog, updated weekly!

If you are interested on really specific updates on the development side, there is a development changelog available.

You can also download the current and previous builds on our site!


This is the first step on a long and difficult road. We hope you will enjoy the ride as much as we certainly will!



I think this is a nice alpha release.

There are 2 things however I'd like to point out :

- As it is right now, the game causes me eyestrain and motion sickness. I think it could be great to be able to unzoom a bit from the road (I tried with the mouse wheel but without success)
- It's hard to see what's coming in the circuit, so I spent a lot of time into the walls :D I think adding a zoom out possibility would solve this as well

Good job anyway!

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Ony__ Author

First of all thank you for your feedback!

As for now, the circuit and general spaceship/game scales are incorrect (some elements use old assets). The current level will be totally reworked with those visions issues in mind.

I have to admit that scraping the walls with your spaceship was part of the original design, but the current level is not really making it fun or don't feel like 'collateral damages'. I can assure you that the next circuit will be much nicer to the eyes, and more intuitive than the current one!

Concerning the camera, I think I've overdone the motion blur, and the not-really-nice placeholders textures are not helping.
Also, the ship thrusters trails are too long, they will be reduced and a little toned down because currently It's more of a color festival than a serious race :°

I think some sort of zoom control would be a nice addition (and will also help with screenshots on our side :p), thanks for the tip!

So, worry not, your feedback has been noted and will be some of our next focuses.

Thank you!

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