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The next build of "Phase 2" will introduce the AI builder for player controlled regions. This functionality allows you to hand over construction and / or upgrading buildings in your own regions to the AI. Especially later on in the game this will save you a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on the more important tasks of world domination.

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The next public beta release of "Phase 2" will include a new feature : The AI builder.

AI builder

The more regions you control, the more time you have to spend managing your regions. Constructing buildings and (even more so) upgrading them is a constant task you have to deal with that may get repetitive during longer games.

So in order to keep this tedious task away from the player, allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks towards world domination, the game will allow you to setup the AI builder for all of your regions :

AI builder

Once enabled he'll take care of the construction management part of that region. The AI builder can be set up separately for each region offering the following options :

  1. Disabled
    The default state. The AI builder won't interact with that region and it's up to the player to construct and upgrade buildings.
  2. Constructing buildings
    The AI builder will construct new buildings on free building spots. Once all buildings spots are occupied he'll switch to passive mode and keep an eye on pollution and happiness in the region. If one of thess crucial factors reaches a dangerous low the AI builder will try to change the building layout of the region to e.g. counter high pollution levels.
  3. Upgrade buildings
    Upon ending a turn the AI builder will check if any of the buildings in it's region can be upgraded to a better (newer) version. If that's the case he'll start constructing upgrades.
  4. Construct and upgrade
    The AI builder will first fill up all available buildings spots with suitable buildings (with priority towards economic power) and then start to uprade existing buildings.

But note that the AI is not perfect, so if you want to perfect a regions layout you're better off constructing and upgrading buildings yourself.

I hope this feature will make the game less repetitive, especially later on in the game once you own dozens of regions.

I'm also not 100% sure on wether I should enable the AI builder from the start of a game or make it a technology that has to be unlocked first. And I'm also thinking about adding a small penalty to regions (e.g. ower income by x.y%) if the AI builder is enabled. What to you think?

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