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An introduction to Parasol, my solo mobile game project.

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After spending about 9 months working on my solo project, I'm nearing the home stretch, so I feel that it's at a point where I can start sharing what I've done.

Parasol, our hero, loves apples, unfortunately he can't fly. So, it's up to you to guide him to the nutritious goal, and simultaneously give him a 'crash course' in the finer points of flight.

Here's the latest gameplay video:

Controls are simple. Drag your finger, or use a twist gesture to rotate the level, tap to make Parasol fall to a block if one is below him. Currently, if no block is below him, it prevents him from falling into the abyss.

Here are some stills of the art of the game:

Parasol, our protagonist.

Basic block, very sturdy and reliable.

Rickety block. You can only step on these once, after exiting a rickety block it falls out of the level.

Switch block. Switches turn a group of blocks on or off. These blocks can be any of the other types.

Delicious apple. This is the goal of the level, guide Parasol here!

Star! If you get to the apple in the least number of drops possible, you will be awarded with a shiny star! Collecting more stars unlocks hats for Parasol to wear.

Parasol is being programmed entirely with playMaker, in conjunction with a couple of plugins.

As for release platforms, I'm going to be targeting iOS devices first, then afterwards I'll be investigating Android.

Stay tuned!

- Mark

ChromeAngel - - 708 comments

Looks nice, a simple set of components that can be arranged to make many puzzles. Seems like a brilliant concept, and appears well executed.

Minor suggestions:
Apples and blocks looks kind of similar when rendered so small as in the video (green on top and red/brown underneath), maybe a different fruit like a pear or green apple would be more obvious?

Parasol appears to make a dust clouds even from a short falls. Maybe you can scale the size of the particle effect to the height of the fall?

Finally the colour of the dust cloud seem very dark blue, a dark grey or perhaps feathers as particles would be more in-keeping with the rest of the style.

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bola Author
bola - - 2 comments

First of all, thank you very much for your kind words!

I'll perhaps do some playing around with textures to see if the goal can become more obvious. I was kind of hoping that the sparkly particles would push it over the line.

I'll also have to have a look at the particles, I quite like the feathers idea.

Thanks again!

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