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It's a tower offense game, with a top down view, 3D, Single player for Windows and Mobile.

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Hi everyone,

We want to show you the current project we're working on, Rise of Zoulth.


It's a tower offense game, with a top down view, 3D, Single player for Windows and Mobile.
The player’s goal is to send troops to reach the enemy base and win, but we do this with a twist. The player starts the game with only one unit, the Queen, which has the ability to assimilate other living beings. He will have to capture enemies and then convert them into his units to fight for him and win the levels.

MainMenu Sreen


As we said before our main mechanic is the assimilation. We can do this in two different ways, during the level we can send our Queen unit and she will assimilate everything down her path, or by winning the level and taking some captured people back to your home base where you will convert them into specific units with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

ezgif com optimize

Then these specialized units will be able to be sent to the battlefield. During the level, the player starts out by sending waves of his Troops, which walk down the selected path and fight any enemy Troops or Buildings they encounter, certain Buildings/Troops have weaknesses and strengths, which means the player has to adapt and send the corresponding Troop to defeat the enemy’s Troops more easily.


When the Player finally manages to start turning the tide of battle to his advantage, his troops will overwhelm the enemy and start sieging their base, destroying everything they can and taking all the resources until they breach their base.


After breaching their base, the player takes all the spoils of war back home allowing him to recruit more troops and create upgrades and improvements.

If the player loses all his troops during the battle, he will be unsuccessful in overcoming his enemy and lose. He will then be sent to a checkpoint before he started that level, regaining the lost troops but also losing everything he gained during the battle.



The Zoulth'An is an alien hivemind race, with psychic parasitic abilities, their race assimilates all other creatures into their own, they can reproduce only to create Queens.

The Queens, named Zoulth'Kro, manage the hivemind, assimilate others, and ensure the survival and expansion of their empire.

Queen armor 03 Concept head 01

Having grown too much, the Zoulth'An empire was an eminent threat to the universe, several galactic empires banded together, and created the GFC (Galactic Forces Coalition), a military armada to defeat the Zoulth'An.


They planned a final precise attack on their home planet, to finally end their menace over the galaxies, with a fleet consisting of over nine thousand battleships.

Unable to fight back against the overwhelming forces, the Zoulth'An were on the brink of annihilation. As a last resort to ensure their survival, they sent one of their last remaining heiresses in an escape pod to a low population planet far away from all the dangers in another galaxy.

This new young Zoulth'Kro will have to rebuild the empire from nothing, on a foreign planet, capturing as many troops as she can, and conquering the planet before restarting her galactic conquest.

Further information:

Twitter: Twitter.com
Instagram: Instagram.com

Rise of Zoulth is an upcoming tower offense videogame developed by Blue Lamp Studios.


where can i play it?

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BlueLampStudios Author

At the moment we're still working towards a first prototype, so currently there's no playable build yet.

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