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I'm telling you who I am, about my game, and my general goals.

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First off, who am I?

I Nathaniel (aguyiguess124), am an avid SCP an general horror fan. I'm also starting to make games with those themes. My first public game, is this one! SCP-1983: The Game.

Now the rest.

I started this game after lots of inspiration from SCP: Containment Breach and SCP-1983 itself. I began testing a couple engines, and settled on Unity as C++ in Unreal didn't fit me.

I began brainstorming and studying the SCP, making the story. I chose to make the player one of the agents in the second group sent in the anomaly. I had, and still have, so many ideas. But, I have to take it slow, and get feedback from the community to make my first game, as great as it can be.

My goals for this game, are essentially to engage with the community as much as I can, and make a good story with good gameplay mechanics. I aim to just make a nice experience and contribution to SCP and horror communities.

But there is just one problem, nobody has heard of me. I'm struggling with getting any attention on my game. So all I ask, is you try my tests and help me improve the mechanics and game overall.

Thank you for your time.

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