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I mentioned about a new game in the works in news from my last game and here it is. We are half-way done and we'd want to celebrate it by showcasing our game at SIEGE2016.

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I mentioned about a new game in the works in news from my last game and here it is.

Maze Qore is half-way towards completion and I want to celebrate it by showcasing the game at the annual, 2016 Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo, or SIEGE for short.

Starting Friday, October 7th 2016, I will be hosting Maze Qore at SIEGE for others to tryout at my designated booth. I will be giving out artwork for others to keep and enjoy as well. First come first serve.


Now that that's out of the way, you are probably wondering...

"How far are we with Maze Qore?"

To answer that I leave you with this:

Characters - The PrisonersCharacters - RayCharacters - KaidenCharacters - The SquadCharacters - Kanzia

As seen in the gameplay videos, we already have the core gameplay settled and some characters to fight. All of the characters are also done in the game as well as most (if not all) of the overall gameplay. We however still need to cover cinematic scenes, music, setup the vocals (death sounds and such), and above all else - debugging and polishing. The weapon for instance occasionally jams, meaning I have to drop the weapon or restart the game. The last thing a prisoner (gamer) wants to deal with fighting his/her outta prison.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more in the future through social media.

That's all for now, Lord Iheanacho signing off.

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Looks great, and love how close the camera is to the player figure. At the same time this does make that you can't see much of the players surrounding. So enemies can probably shoot at you from outside the screens edge so to speak. In some games, when a camera is so close to the players figure you can change the angle of the camera, so you can look further.

And that alarm sound, i assume its a placeholder for now. Because it does seem to come from Half Life2, that game has exactly the same sound.
And the level design could use some work, its very dull now. But that i assume is also just a early stage of dev.

Other then that, looks really great!


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OnyeNacho Author

The enemies are actually suppose to only fire when both you and they are visible, so I will tweak their perception distance.

The alarm sound was initially intended as a placeholder but then I noticed this seems to be one of the same generic stock sounds I heard from other movies and games as well. Valve has been known to use generic stock sounds as well, not all of their sounds are completely original (especially the general sound effects).

For level design, yes there is more polishing I need to do (as mentioned in the article), but just so I can have a better sense of guidance, can you specify what can be done to improve the level design of the sector maze levels to make them look better?

You can also send me a private message if you feel the feedback may be too long to post here on the comments.

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