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Welcome to Low City! Take a quick tour around one of the Warsaw City’s levels in the dev-diary video formula.

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Welcome to Low City

In today's article, we want to introduce you to one of the levels of futuristic Warsaw City, which is Low City. In the dev-diary video, focused on the mentioned location, Łukasz Hacura (Executive Producer) and Marcin Przybyłek (Author of Gamedec book series) bring back the inspirations for creating such a unique place as well as the challenges and obstacles for the development team. The nearly 5-minute material did not lack new materials from Low City and Yeti's Bar, so we encourage you to watch the video till the end.

You can also find more information about the Gamedec world in the exclusive article published by PC Gamer.

"Low City, where it's perpetually dark, is home to lots of night clubs and gangsters, and below that are the ruins of old Warsaw, where scavengers root around for artefacts, books and other pieces of Warsaw's history. If you're visiting it to meet a client and begin an investigation, you might be robbed, ripped off or get into some bother with the local gangsters, but there's no combat system in Gamedec. That doesn't mean things can't descend into violence, but expect to spend a lot more time chatting."

In addition, below we have a new portion of screenshots for you. Enjoy!

Screens LowCity 05 logoW

Screens LowCity 01 logoW

Screens LowCity 03 logoW

Screens LowCity 06 logoW

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