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Meteorbyte Studios is also an indie videogames publisher and we are introducing you a game that will be released in the next months!

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Hi there! Happy 2022!

Meteorbyte Publishing++ (or P++, for short) is our improved publishing model for small and talented indie dev teams trying to get their projects out there.

In a nutshell: aside from your “standard publisher” stuff, we provide our devs with a ton of additional support and services, as well as tutoring and a package of easy-to-use development tools, ensuring that your game gets completed and launched successfully.

Today I'm here to tell you about Ignited Steel, a dystopian mecha turn-based tactics game developed by Yokaicade that is coming to PC in the next months!

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Aiming to fulfill its expansion instinct, humanity created an A.I. which controls and manages all necessary resources to expand the human race throughout the galaxy. Soon, a fatal flaw in the A.I. "PharOS" code was discovered: it could not and would not stop expanding.

With the hope to halt PharOS' expansion, the human race depends on the "Ignited Steel" program, a plan reliant on outdated technology which PharOS cannot control.

Old Mechs from past wars are now humanity's only hope.

Attacking and moving mechs requires energy and can overheat the mech. If overheated, mechs output more damage while being more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

A key element to gameplay is finding the perfect balance between damage and vulnerability.

Pilots from every corner of the universe volunteer to the Ignited Steel program, each bringing their unique personalities and tactics.

As the Ignited Steel program regains control of the galaxy, new pilots will join the cause against PharaOS.

There're 3 types of mechs: Juggernaut, Stalker and Javelin, each with their own advantages and counterplay.

Mechs are built using unique modules each with their own purpose. As the Ignited Steel program liberates the galaxy, they will earn and purchase new modules with unique traits.

The galaxy is full of contrasting planets and stories to be told. By jumping from node to node the ignited steel program will discover the galaxy's stories, and add new modules and pilots to the crew.

New planets, pilots, modules, events and missions in every playthrough!

You can check the Steam's page by clicking here! And dont forget to wishlist Ignited Steel if you like it!

In the next weeks I will be posting more info about Ignited Steel!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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