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Orchestrate an interstellar war and seal humanity's doomed fate in Disunity, a real-time strategy game for the PC.

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Disunity is a single-player real-time strategy game firmly focused on starship combat. Players assume the role of supreme admiral, and conquer star systems with their fleets.


  • Lead your fleets in real-time combat across entire star systems.
  • Master the art of fleet composition with detailed ship and weapon attributes.
  • Subvert the minds of your enemies--everything you gain is appropriated from hostile forces.
  • Utilize Newtonian ship movement—there are no speed limits in space.
  • Collapse the Terran Union and conquer Earth in a nonlinear campaign.
  • Create custom maps, ships and weapons with native mod support.


In 2619, the Terran Union is on the verge of absolute collapse. A three-way political struggle between the Union’s citizens, rogue mega-corporations, and the central government has thrown our corner of space into a state of near-anarchy. All of humanity cowers under the shadow of an imminent nuclear holocaust. The end of our race is almost upon us.


But our destruction will not be wrought through nuclear flames. Nano-technology has made incredible advances—and one particularly powerful group has created a new type of super-weapon: Nanites that dominates the free will of those infected. The goal is clear: Every last one of us will be forcibly stripped of our will to fight. No matter the cost, humanity must not be allowed to exterminate itself.



Disunity will be launching its crowdfunding campaign within the month. Stay tuned for more!

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