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Climate State Space Alpha (CS: Space Alpha), is an action role-playing game, set in the current time, and progresses from there onwards. The role of the player is to explore, adventure, research, or to fight in a world disrupted by climate change.

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The game takes the player into a action driven world, with many different tasks, options, and challenges.

The development has progressed somewhat, with the main game systems in place, among them, a quest, inventory, and sophisticated weapon system.

The current challenge is to fill the world with actors, content, and meaningful quests, which blend into each other depending on the evolving story line.


Agent Missions – Secure, save, rescue, or destroy mission objectives.

Research Missions – Obtain climate proxies, study samples, or run super computer experiments.


  • Player Data – Game progress is stored server-side.
  • Global Rankings – Compete with other players.
  • Skill System – Rank up different skills. Skill points are distributed depending on completed missions and achievements.
  • Achievement System – Achievements help to unlock extended game content.
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