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The introduction of the Child Arms devlog here at IndieDB.

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Welcome to the Child Arms Devlog. This is the latest project from Toolkitz and it's one of the oldest ideas I've had dating back to the mid 2000's. The game has been in production as of February and it is now that we have something to show to the public.

So what is Child Arms? This is a 2D arcade style sword-fighting game, a new take at the fighting game genre. Instead of the usual side by side gameplay, the screen is split and the fights take place in a first person view with each screen representing each opponent's sight. The controls are also not typical and require it's own unique scheme. For example, high and low attacks/guards are done by pressing the Up and Down directions respectfully while pressing neither will guard/attack mid range. There are also only 2 buttons and depending on which character you choose will have different functions.

The game will have 8 playable characters and each will wield a different weapon. Each weapon will range from your typical sword, to spears, axes, and even some going into the exotic. All this will factor into their stats as some weapons will provide quicker strikes while others will depend on extraordinary strength.

The video and screenshots show what has been created at this point. This game is being developed by a very small team but that it is not enough to get this game the best it can be. The objective right now is to create a playable demo and show it off at events in the hopes of garnering interested parties. The demo will contain two characters to choose from, one of which is in display. The second character is now being worked on.

There will be plenty more to see in the upcoming weeks so if you wish to follow the progress of the game, follow us at our Facebook page, Twitter, and here at IndieDB.


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