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If you’re tired of zombies and aliens, you’ll love this game. If you love zombie and alien games, you’ll love this game. If you have a fetish for sludge, you’ll do unspeakable things with this game.

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It is with much rejoice and gooey feelings that we're announcing "Attack of the Gelatinous Blob". Set in "what the 50s might have looked like", this is a game about slimey green blobs gobling stuff up. As a single-player RTS, the focus has been on making the AI hell-a fun. As you advance through the streets with your army of jelly, civilians will react in a great number of ways based on parameters like familiarity with the onslaught of blobs, perceived strength in numbers and curious types of slime.

Who is making this game?
Brent Owens, core developer of jMonkeyEngine, is the main developer of this game. Lending a hand from time to time is Erlend Sogge Heggen and Normen Hansen, both also from the jME team. More people are sure to be involved as the project progresses.

Early in-game screenshots Early in-game screenshots

The up-ahead
In the coming days, you'll be receiving weekly updates detailing new mechanics, visuals and audio added to the game, along with the occasional blooper and maaany more blob puns. Especially for the AI system there will be plenty of nifty scenarios to show off, including tutorials if there is any interest expressed.
The project is still in the early stages of development, though a public beta is expected out by 3rd quarter of 2013. That means real feedback like "here's an idea: . . ." and not "ha ha you snort cat hair" might actually have an impact on the game. So by all means, write something with actual substance (gelatine counts, hah!) and you're guaranteed a reply.

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