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The next Alpha version of Forgotten Tale has just been released. Read this article to know about the changes.

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I am glad to announce that I have just released the next milestone version of Forgotten Tale, Alpha 3 (download links at the bottom). This version contains a lot of major changes. First of all, as you can see, there is a brand new map:

You might have noticed that this map has no specifically defined way. This is the second great new feature in Alpha 3. Now, the enemies find their own way over the map through your towers. (BTW, for all the programmers, this is done using the Dijkstra algorithm) This means, you can define it yourself, which is another way of strategy. To do this easily, there is a new so-called stone tower in this version, that does nothing but blocking the way. Here you can see the calculated way as a green line (Press F2 in the game to display it like this):

The game now also contains two music tracks playing in the background. Thanks to Christian Eckert for creating them!

I have also done some other improvements like smooth normals, better fire effects and the engine now uses IBOs/VAOs/VBOs instead of glBegin/glEnd.

If you want to try it yourself, go to the Sourceforge page and download it:
For Mac OS users: Sorry, but there is no native OS X version, since I don't have a Mac, BUT: On my Linux machine, the Windows version also runs perfectly over wine with the same performance as the Linux version. This should be a good solution at the moment.

If you always want to recieve the latest news about the project, you can follow me on Twitter: @thestr4ng3r


Looking good, looks like it would be a good candidate for something like webgl, have you considered writing this to run natively in the browser (chrome/safari/ff) ?

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thestr4ng3r Author

An interesting idea. Well, the game is written in C++ with SDL + OpenGL. For WebGL, I would have to rewrite it completely in Javascript. Also, the game is pretty computationally intensive. So, for now, I will not port it to HTML5, but I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback.

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I like it, tracking and trying the alpha 3, backing soon for feedback =)

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