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Soulestination is a fixed-value strategic RPG game with metagame elements. There are 20+ regions with 300+ maps in it, with a playtime of the Normal difficulty of more than 10 hours. With about 100 pieces of equipment, 200+ enemies, about 30 bosses, it will bring you a strategic feast!

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Hi all, I am a new indie game developer, Zaxiquej, and I am here to represent my studio to introduce you to our first game on Steam - Soulestination. Soulestination is a fixed-value strategic RPG with 10+ playtime for the Normal difficulty. It would be released on Steam on Jan.6th, 2021 and there will be a demo for it released in one to two weeks.

The special points of the game:

· More than 300 well-designed maps, more than 20 different styles of areas

SC1 english

· Revealing the essence of the world as you explore further

SC2 english

· More than 200 enemies, with dozens of different skills. You need to organize strategies for each enemy with unique skills
· Nearly 30 unique Evil Soul bosses, which require a certain strategy to reduce the damage taken in defeating them.

SC3 english

· Dozens of unique Weapons and Soul Artifacts. There are countless ways to beat the game.
· 3 modes of difficulty are carefully balanced, allowing both casual players and hardcore players to enjoy the strategy of this game.

SC4 english

· Playtime of more than 10 hours. It will surely bring you a strategic feast.

· Metagame elements that will give you an amazing surprise!

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