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After nine months in Early Access, Into the Stars launches today on Steam and GOG. There have been a ton of content additions since the last update and we're proud to announce a Digital Deluxe Edition and roll out an awesome Launch Trailer.

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It's hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 years since our first discussions of what would ultimately become Into the Stars. Today we're finally able to share the fruits of those conversations, countless hours and lots of love and support from the indie community.

Starting right now, you can download the Full Release of the game on Steam and GOG. To celebrate, we've just put out a Release Trailer that was a joint collaboration between Alden our Art Director and MetricMinds. Check it out:

As you'll see once you have a chance to play, there have been a ton of changes since the 0.5 Update. In that time we were able to sneak in a few new features before shifting gears to polish and optimizing the game as a whole. Here are a few of the areas we focused on the last few months:

Preset Loadouts

One of the most common requests made during Early Access was for the ability to forego the Ship Customization at the outset of your journey and simply dive into gameplay. We’ve addressed this by adding three Preset Loadouts (Combat, Balanced and Long Haul) that offer distinctly unique approaches to the journey while providing formidable module & resource combinations. Once players have a feel for the trials of space flight they can return to fully Customize their ship.

Shuttle Mission Additions

After revamping Shuttle Missions with the 0.5 update by adding meaningful choices and structure to each interaction, we still wanted to push the system forward. That’s why we’ve added custom background art and unique audio environments for each encounter. What’s more, we’ve doubled the amount of Shuttle Mission content in the game by adding 50 Planet and 25 Ship Explorations.

Other Additions

Finally, we added a number of story elements, localization for 6 languages and completely overhauled the User Interface. Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and dozens of enhancements round things out.

Changelist for Update 1.0

  • Added Preset Loadouts
  • Long Haul
  • Balanced
  • Combat
  • Custom (complete ship loadout – As previously seen in game)
  • Doubled Shuttle Mission Content
  • 50 new Planet Explorations
  • 25 new Ship Explorations
  • Added 100 Shuttle Mission Backgrounds
  • New Art Specifically tied to each mission event
  • Custom Audio environment for each background/event combination
  • UI Overhaul
  • Optimized performance for improved loading
  • Brought a lighter/unified approach to each screen
  • Added dynamic Gameplay Tips to Loading Screens
  • Added Tile Threat and Civilian icons to Notifications
  • Localization Full text and voiceover localization for 6 additional languages
  • German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and Italian
  • Ark Discovery
  • Finding each adds to Total Score
  • Location called out on Map
  • Steam Achievements
  • 10 new goals for players to complete
  • Story Elements
  • Updated intro trailers for improved story background
  • Added story details to Main Menu for further details
  • Tuning Added ability to interact with Trade Ships from a distance (Object interaction unified)
  • Added 3 new Main modules to create more interesting resource combinations
  • Adjusted time in sectors for Pursuit Mode (Slightly more difficult)
  • Doubled the view distance for object chevrons – No more pixel hunting!
  • Updated Planet Descriptions to remove references to Human compatibility and to clearly state resources available
  • Changed in-game fonts
  • Significantly increased module health penalties for weapon damage / events
  • Large increase to number of Civilians found on Ark ships
  • And dozens more... Over 350 Fixes and Improvements since 0.5 Update!

See the complete list on the Development Blog.

Explore more at Intothestarsgame.com

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Mine is Michael Nunes and I am Brazilian.

I'm a promoter of videos for new games. I have a channel on youtube with 1400 subscribers and average of 7000 monthly views.

It is possible to send me a demo or pre alpha of the game, so you can do a gameplay and disclose?

The link from my channel is below so you can check. Thank you very much for your attention.

LINK: Youtube.com

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Bagelbeard Author

Hi Michael - Please send us a DM on Twitter or an email to contact@fugitive-games.com for identity verification.

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